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Be A Professional: Mountain Arts Training Course


Timetable of LV1 courses
Venue of the talk:to be released
Outdoor Venue:to be released

DAY 1-
Venue of the talk:2022年4月14日(08:45 至 11:45)
Outdoor Venue :2022年4月14日(13:00 至 18:30)

DAY 2-
Venue of the talk:2022年4月21日(08:45 至 11:45)
Outdoor Venue:2022年4月21日(13:00 至 18:30)

*This is a 2 days courses, 100% participations are required

Timetable of LV2 courses
Course Introduction
Event Details (Level 1 Mountain Arts Training Course)
Event Details (Level 2 Mountain Arts Training Course)
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