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Central Secret Spot (for intermediate participants): Black's Link Ropeway and Rock Climbing

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Event Details (Black's Link)
Black's Link path was named after Sir Wilsone Black, the commander of the British army stationed in Hong Kong in the 19th century. When Black's Link served as the acting governor of Hong Kong in 1898, in view of the lack of a horizontal road between Lufeng Gorge, Wan Chai Gorge and Wong Nai Chung Gap Gorge, which weakened the defensive capacity of the south bank, he proposed to build a road linking Wan Chai Gorge, Zhong Gorge and Wong Nai Gorge. The road along the gorge to enhance the army’s mobility and combat capabilities between the gorges. The route was originally named "General Black's Link". In his resignation speech, Black's Link suggested to simplify it to "The Black Link". This path was constructed by the military, and was handed over to the government after the completion of construction in 1904. It was eventually named "Black's Link".

– Venue: Black's Link
–Activity time: 1100-1700
– Meeting time: 1045
–Meeting location: Wong Nai Chung Gap Road (the exact location will be notified by WhatsApp)

1055 Walk into the event venue
1120 Introduction to the Safety of Event Venues
1145 Descending Ropeway and Rock Climbing explanation and demonstration
1205 participants wear equipment
1225 Ropeway and Rock Climbing
1625 Equipment packing and personal belongings sorting
1645 Participants leave
1700 Disbanded

* The above itinerary is for reference only. The actual activity process may be adjusted due to local weather, environment, equipment and human factors. Please pay attention.

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