1.) I (the Participant; same hereinafter) fully understand the events the Company (EXPLORER HONG KONG; same hereinafter) provided are physically demanding, I have fully read and comprehended the rules and description of events provided by the Company and I am aware of the potential medical and natural risks of this event(s). I understand the event content provided by the Company includes but not limited to water activities, orientation, abseiling, high events and low events, which all can take place during both day and night time. I declare that I am in good physical condition and have adequate physical ability to take part in the Company’s event(s). I sign up and take part in the Company’s event(s) on my own will and I am willing to bear full responsibilities and risks that I am the only liable party if any accident(s) occur(s). I have given up my rights to file claim(s), compensation of any kind and rights to pursue legal action against the Company, the coaches and relevant personnel involve in the Company's events, if there are any accidents, injuries, death and losses/ damages of any kind induced during the inbound to, outbound from event venue and during the event(s).

2.) I agree: The commercial and non-commercial release and usage of photos, videos, names, information, voices and sound materials which I involve in and appear on during the events the Company provides. I willingly accept that The Company has full ownership and absolute rights to use and release the said materials in any format the Company decides to, including but not limited to: any documentaries, advertisements, radio, TV programs, social media platforms and any other platforms for free and without any compensations for me. I acknowledge and agree the Company and media to use my personal information, looks, images, names and voices for promotional and event hosting purposes, including but not limited to the Company's website, mobile application, videos and any online & offline promotional publications, without the Company’s and media’s further notice and confirmation. 

3.) I confirm and agree EXPLORER HONG KONG is not liable, including but not limited to the following situations: any personal losses, damages and any direct and indirect induced loss(es) (both physical and financial loss(es)). I should be fully responsible for the belongings which I bring along with me, if there are any losses, injuries, lost by theft(s) during, before and after the event(s) provided by the Company, the Company, relevant coaches and personnel will not be liable.

4.) I am responsible and liable for the damages, loss(es), removed, and broken equipment, devices, tools and other properties provided, rented and given to me during the event due to my negligence (except normal depreciation of said object(s)). I understand and agree that I need to pay in full amount for repairing, restoring or buying relevant said object(s).

5.) Starting from the day my booking is submitted, the Company and all supporting parties are not liable for any compensation or legal responsibilities under any circumstances, including but not limited to any loss(es) and accidents. The full disclaimer and statements are agreed mutually by both participant(s) and the Company. If any item(s) of this disclaimer and statements is voided by any court(s) or government administration(s), then only the specific item(s) will be inapplicable while the remaining items of this disclaimer and statements will continue to be legally binding. 

6.) I understand and agree that I need to fulfill all requirement(s) stated by the Company in order to join the event(s) provided by the Company, including but not limited to:

  • Minor(s) aged below 16 cannot join our adult tour(s) ;
  • The parental agreement & signature would be required for minors between 16-18, also the parents would be liable for all the relevant damages & consequences.
  • At least one adult needs to join our family tour(s) with minor(s) aged under 18
  • Participants should follow our coaches’ instructions and guidance at all times

Participant(s) is liable for all consequences if there is any loss(es) and accident(s) occurred when participant(s) do not adhere to the Company’s requirement(s) and coaches’ instructions.

7.) There is no refund from the Company under any circumstances. If participant(s) is not allowed to join the event(s) after booking(s) is confirmed due to failure to fit our event joining requirement(s), the Company will try our best to arrange the said participant(s) to join the Company’s existing event(s) which is applicable to the participant(s). Event(s) provided by the Company that is cancelled due to not enough participant(s) taking part will be rescheduled. Event(s) provided by the Company that is cancelled due to weather condition(s) or any force Majeure event(s) will be rescheduled.

8.) Due to safety reasons, the Company and our coaches have the right to alter planned event route(s) based on weather condition(s) and the ability of participant(s). The Company and our coaches have the right to alter planned event route(s) without further notice to participant(s). Participant(s) will not be able to ask for nor requires the Company and other supporting parties for compensation of any kind. 

9.) The Company provides services for leisure activities in group format. Taking part in the event(s) or not is my own decision, I am responsible for my own decision and behavior. The Company is not liable for any personal behavior and decision(s) made by the Participant(s), included but not limited to social distancing measures.

10.) I have read and agreed to all items, rules, exceptions, and details listed above in the disclaimer.

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