Severe Weather Arrangement

Event Postponement & Refund Arrangements

1.) Explorer Hong Kong (the Company) does not accept any personal reason(s) for event postponement and refund, including but not limited to sickness, injuries and clash of personal schedule. Participant(s) has responsibility to read this statement thoroughly, understand it and bear relevant risks. Once payment is confirmed, all details of events cannot be altered and payment will not be refunded.

2.) Event hosting arrangement: The Company will notify participant(s) 3 days before the scheduled date of event to confirm if the event can be hosted on scheduled or not. If the event(s) is cancelled because of not enough participant(s), the event(s) will be postponed without any refund arrangement.

3.) Event(s) provided by the Company that is cancelled due to weather condition(s) or any force majeur event(s), the Company may make postpone arrangement(s) based on actual situation. All affected participant(s) need to sign up for same type of event(s) within one year (365 days) after the event(s) is cancelled. The day the event(s) got cancelled is counted as day one of the said one year period. The Company will not compensate nor refund to participant(s) if the participant(s) fails to sign up within one year (365 days) after the event(s) is cancelled.

 4.) If the event(s) is postponed due to reasons mentioned above, participant(s) can make a reservation one time for the same type of event(s) based on the Company’s event availability schedule, on which available event(s)’s date and time is shown on our website and mobile application. All postponement quota(s) should be used to reserve for the same type of event, changing of event type is not allowed. All participant(s) in the same original booking has to sign up the same event with the same date and time for his postponement quota(s) in the new booking.

5.) Participant(s) who is late or absent on the event date: Participant(s) who arrives the gather venue 15 minutes later than the gather time as provided to participant(s) by the Company or relevant parties, there is no waiting nor joining in the middle. There is no refund or event postponement for participant(s) who is late or absent. Participant(s) need to consider traffic and other factors to make sure he/she arrive at the gather venue on time. If there is any mild delay expected before reaching the gather venue, participant(s) has the responsibility to let the event coaches know 15-20 minutes before the gather time on event day, while maximum waiting time of our coaches remains to be less than 15 minutes after the gather time.

6.) If the event(s) is not hosted as scheduled due to COVID 19 social distancing measures, participant(s) can sign up for the same type of event(s) within one year (365 days), the scheduled event day is counted as day one. No refund is to be given by the Company.

7.) If there is any dispute(s) regarding the above items, EXPLORER HONG KONG reserves the final right to interpret all items and owns the final right to make decision(s).

Special Arrangements Under Inclement Weather Conditions

1.) When red rainstorm warning or higher, T3 storm signal or higher or extreme situation is/ are declared by the HK government two hours before the gather time of the event on the event day, all events will be postponed without refund.

2.) If the above said weather warning(s) or extreme situation is/ are declared by the HK government during the event, coaches and responsible organization(s) will help to arrange a safer shelter for participants to stay in until situation allows for event to continue . If situation does not allow, the event will end early, with no refund and event rescheduling.

3.) If the weather condition on event day is not safe or good enough for event(s) to be hosted but the HK government has not declared any of the said weather warning(s) or extreme situation, our coaches and responsible organization(s) will judge if the area(s) where the event(s) is supposed to be hosted in/at is suitable for event hosting two hours before the scheduled event gather time. If participant(s) decide not to join the event(s) when the event(s) is not cancelled, there will be no refund or event postponement.

4.) All events which got postponed due to inclement weather conditions will follow the Company’s event postponement and cancellation policy, participant(s) will not be able to cancel or given refund under all circumstances.

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