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Lei Yue Mun Zip line and Abseiling

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Event Details (Lei Yue Mun)

In addition to the seafood stalls, the lighthouse and the coastline in Lei Yue Mun, there is also a deserted quarry in Lei Yue Mun that can be visited, and the scenery is very rich. In autumn and winter, Lei Yue Mun has a beautiful view of reed grass, and Lei Yue Mun is the closest to the city to appreciate the reed grass. It is only two kilometers away from the Yau Tong MTR station, which is very convenient.

Event Information (Lei Yue Mun)
– Location: Lei Yue Mun
–Activity time: 1100-1300/1300-1500/1500-1700
– Gathering time: 1045/1245/1445
–Meeting location:Lei Yue Mun Quarry

1100/1300/1500 Walk into the event venue
1115/1315/1515 Safety Introduction to Event Venues
1130/1330/1530 Descending along the rope // Zipline explanation and demonstration
1145/1345/1545 Descent and zip line
1245/1445/1645 Equipment packing and personal belongings sorting
1300/1500/1700 disbanded

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