Privacy Policy Statement

Explorer Hong Kong (the Company) takes personal privacy very seriously, we strictly adhere to <The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance> when gathering, using, storing, transferring and reviewing personal data. This Privacy Policy Statement is to state the Company’s principle and policy on the gathering of personal data.

Personal Data Collection

When participant(s) uses the Company’s and our supporting parties’ service(s), we will collect participant(s)’s data, including but not limited to the below:

Participant(s)’s/ user(s)’s: name, mobile phone number, contact number, address, email address, birthday, ID number

Personal data collected will be used, stored, transferred and reviewed by the Company and relevant supporting parties according to <The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance>, with participant(s)’s permission. If personal data owner(s) would like to unsubscribed to the Company or other relevant parties’ information, please send an email to info@explorerhk.com to contact our staff.

Storage of Personal Data

The Company only stores personal data for 12 months after the event(s) is hosted. The said data will be removed after 12 months.

Disclosure of Personal Data

The Company will not sell, transfer or expose the personal information collected by the Company, unless for the below situations:

1. The other parties which are associated with the Company's event hosting process: service providers, agents, parties and purveyors involve in administration, telecommunications, technologies and event hosting

2. The service(s) is provided by relevant person(s) and companies

3. The consensus from personal data owner(s)

4. The investigation(s), prevention and action(s) needed to be taken when there are potential illegal activities, frauds and threats to personal safety.

5. The legally binding request(s) from any government, administration(s) and regulation(s)

Personal Information Gathered When Browsing Explorer Hong Kong Website & Mobile Application

For a better user experience, the Company’s website and mobile application will store users’ basic information, including IP address, domain name, browser type, settings, language setting, user location, operating system, browsing time and other relevant information. The said information is not linked with users and cannot be used to identify the identity of users. When information which can be used to identify users are requested, the website and mobile application will ask for users’ permission again with visible text.

Personal Data Protective Measures

The Company adapts suitable measures to protect the personal data we have to prevent any loss, unpermitted gathering, use, edit, transfer and exposure.

Participant(s) and member(s) of the Company has the responsibilities to keep your account and password safe and secured. Participant(s) and member(s) need to take full responsivities for any action(s) taken involving their account(s) and password(s).

Review & Correction of Personal Data

Participant(s) and member(s) of the Company have the responsibility to update the Company for any new information and data. Otherwise, there is a chance that the Company cannot provide services that participant(s) or member(s) requested.

According to <The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance>, data owner(s) has the right to review and correct personal data provided and request for a copy. When the Company is reviewing and correcting such data after request(s), we may ask the requester(s) to verify his/her identity, to ensure that he/she has the right to make such request(s) legally. The Company has the right to reject such request(s) to review or correct personal data under the 20th items of the said ordinance, when the requestor(s) fails to provide us relevant legit information.

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