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(Beginners Friendly)Aquila Crag Abseiling and Rock Climbing

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Event Details: (Aquila Crag)
-Venue: Aquila Crag (Shun Lee Estate)
-Duration: 0900-1300 / 1300-1700
-Gather at 0900 / 1300
-Gather at Clear Water Bay Road Temporary Sitting-Out Area (Exact location will be confirmed via WhatsApp)
-Only participants aged 18 or above are welcomed. Otherwise, please join our family tours.

0900-0930 / 1300-1330 Travel to event venue on foot
0930-0945 / 1330-1345 Safety briefing, participants can take a short break and organize personal belongings
0945-1015 / 1345-1415
Briefing on:
How to wear equipment properly
Techniques on abseiling and demonstration
Techniques on rock climbing and demonstration
1015-1030 / 1415-1430
Participants get ready by wearing equipment
1030-1215 / 1430-1715
Participants to experience both activities
1215-1230 / 1715-1730
Wrap up by packing up equipment and organize personal belongings
1230-1330 / 1730-1830

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